My heart is to illuminate the God given gifts

in others by encouraging deep-rooted Happiness, 

Health & Wholeness.


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Always Becoming...

Are you ready to become the best balanced YOU? 


Your purposed passions are yearning to bloom...

but doing it alone can feel impossible, overwhelming and lonely.

This women's mastermind community was designed to provide the water you need to blossom! 

Illumination by way of light is needed for growth...and that's my very mission!

Mind - Body - Soul Retreat

A space to rest, refuel and rejuvenate.

Next Retreat: Friday, May 1 - Sunday, May 3, 2020

"The entire retreat just flowed from one amazing activity to another, and every presenter was spectacular in sharing their expertise. I have gained a lifetime of reflection in the wisdom, blessings, and camaraderie from my time with these women of faith." - 2019 Retreat Attendee

Welcome beautiful! 


This space was created with YOU in mind.

A place to come to find rest and rejuvenation, but most importantly reconnection and refresh! 


We are all intended to live fully whole, yet we often hand over the keys to our happiness without even realizing it. 


Without full mind, body and soul connection, we are but a shell of our intended beings.

Risking our sanity, our health and our joy. 


I know, because I’ve been there and yet I’m still not quite to the destination I want to be - we are all, always becoming!

The difference, the in-between space, the journey, the intention, the process, the pathway, the hope -

that is where we dwell - and that is where we can thrive fully alive


I truly can’t express how happy I am that we are now walking this thing out together. Imperfect and beautiful.

We are a community of women connecting and seeking the same depth and healthy root,

in order to blossom into our most glorious purposed selves. Connectivity is the blessing of authenticity

and wholeness is the result of living fully loved.


My heart is to show you the peace and joy in being vulnerable and teaching by way of my own

journey and through others, how to achieve, believe and own your happiness, your health, and your wholeness in every facet of life; both personal and professional!  

Ultimately, by pouring into you what has been poured into me, I am confident we can all live life more abundantly.


Join me on intimate retreats where we dive deep into our personal alignment points, ultimately leading us to the connection of Father who plants purpose within us. A purpose I then hope we can nurture together through the Core Creatives heart-centered community.


Come on all you passionistas, let's get Fit in Faith together!


With love and light, 



Fit in Faith Podcast


Women Supporting Women

Follow me for daily devotions and a true view of my life, heart

what it means for me be to Fit in Faith.

This is my authentic reel aspiring to highlight HIM

by sharing how He teaches me. 

Live Stream Podcast

This is an opportunity to join me

alongside other big dreamers,

innovative movers and lifestyle shakers, as we explore and share our messy comeback stories to wholeness.