My heart is to illuminate the God given gifts

in others by encouraging deep-rooted Happiness, 

Health & Wholeness.


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Your Wish Is Granted...

and no, I'm not a genie & neither is Jesus...but this is an answered prayer waiting for you to say YES.


It's time to turn your dream into reality. 

It's time to launch the thing!

It's time to SAY YES to GOD's call.

It's time to make your Kingdom Impact!

Upcoming Retreats

Confidently Rooted

Saturday, May 2 - Sunday, May 3, 2020
Virginia Beach, Virginia
Transformative Whole Health Activities

Authentic instruction to ignite your inner flame towards people, passions and your purpose.

Nutritional Cleansing
Detox & Learn
Get in the Kitchen
Back to the Basics
Free Flow
Movement Based Excercise

Flush your system with an

adjusted intermittent fasting

style approach to food

Prep and cooking

instruction with

with bio dynamic, organic

and raw ingredients

Connect mind, body,

and soul through

flow & HIT style


Let's get honest!

Inner Light
Ignite Purpose and Passion
Soul Cycles
Meditation and Worship
Connection Curation

Get in touch with the true,

best version of you by exploring

your identity in you Creator

Worship, journaling, &

exercises to tune in & grow our

relationship with the Lord.

Authentic connectivity

breeds opportunity 

for growth

Disconnect and Unwind 
Lifestyle Immersion 
Outdoor Adventure 
Special Treatments

Unplugging from our lives,

in order to plug in to

your inner joy

Utilizing God's natural gifts to experience the rush of adrenaline in new opportunities

Because you deserve the spoiling and I love surprises.

Find Your



The beauty of our being comes alive in our naturally designed balanced state.

But we're tossed and turned and ultimately tired...come find rest, rejuvenation and revitalization during a delicately designed wellness retreat.

Detox, Design & Develop Yourself From The Inside Out 

A Space to Rest, Rejuvenate and Revive Your Mind, Body and Soul

My heart is to give women a place to disconnect from the busyness of life and the mental battles that can be deafening to our joy and success, while simultaneously reconnecting with their core. 


Incorporating authentic instruction to ignite your inner flame

towards people, passions and your purpose.


What the Women Say


I left with so many practical tips to improve my fitness and nutrition lifestyle that now makes it impossible to neglect the connection between mind, body, and soul. I think before I thought I needed to focus on one at a time, but I learned this beautiful balance between all three that makes my day flow better.


This retreat was above and beyond my expectations.        I went into the weekend feeling stuck and frustrated. I left with a mind of peace, heart replenished and my bod energized!


The Fit in Faith women's retreat was absolutely unforgettable. From relaxation, to being surprised with gifts, pampered, massages, makeovers, being photographed , cooked for, adored and having fun activities to do. I couldn't help want to stay! I can't wait for the next one. Every woman deserves it!

Meet Your Host,


A passionista for #allthethings

pursuing happiness, health and wholeness!

She's an ordained minister and business coach,

as well as a previous group and

private personal trainer and nutritionist. 

By blending her love for wellness and personal growth with her demonstrated LOVE from the Father, she created experiences to share how you too can claim your freedom through mind, body and soul alignment. With a heart for illuminating the inner light of women, she is always living life in the expectancy of the gift of making another girl glow!

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